Your Most Frequently Asked Freestyle Questions, Answered!

bloggersThere’s no such thing as a “stupid” question around here! With the new Content Creation Tool in full swing, it’s inevitable to run into a host of questions. As the community specialist and over-seer of the forums, I have gathered some of the most common questions I’ve received here in this blog.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Question: How do I get back to the Work Desk?

Answer: Click on the Demand Media Studios logo in the upper left-hand corner. Be sure to save your work first! Continue reading

Do Slack Off

chaos-office2__final_2The Demand Media Studios office can be a hectic place. The day to day operations of keeping the Studio running require a boatload of hard work and teamwork. It involves a cast of characters that can range into the dozens who can be spread out across multiple departments. Needless to say, communication is important if we want to keep this operation running smoothly. Continue reading

How To: Make an Animated GIF from a YouTube Video

Ever find yourself wishing you could easily make an animated gif from something you saw on YouTube? Well, now you can. Best of all it’s free, relatively painless, and only takes a few short minutes.

After you’ve scoured YouTube for that copyright-free video you want to make into a gif (I chose a Monster Truck fail montage), visit: Once you’ve opened in a new tab, simply follow the instructions I’ve outlined below.

pro tip: create an account (free) at for quality gifs and no watermarks.
blog01 blog02 blog03

What’s the point of a “clean” URL? It makes sharing the image much easier, since it won’t link to a website, and instead directs users to the image itself. This way you can upload it to Twitter, Facebook, attach in an email, or even post in the Studio’s Forums minus the headache of sending anyone to a website.

Here we have the final product…

Huge success! (for us, not so much the driver of the truck)

Spotlight on Demand with Eve Lederman

It’s time for another sit down with one of our own DMS peeps, Eve Lederman! The Big Apple resident despises cab drivers, divulges a traumatic tale of going to the veterinarian, and even wrote a glorified haiku.


Eve at 3 years old, training for Everest.

Current Residence: Manhattan (NY)
Dream Residence: Somewhere I can eat fruit off trees
Years with DMS: Eight
Sections: Home Décor, Pets, Family & Relationships, Real Estate and Travel

Oh boy, looks like we have another New Yorker on our hands. Are you native to the city? I’m from upstate NY (aka the tundra), which means 7 hours from the city. It’s not Westchester–which natives consider to be upstate.

Gotcha. So what’s the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed on a NY Subway? Bonus points if it involves something that’s NSFW. 
A rat carrying an entire slice of pizza.

That’s…weird. Speaking of unusual circumstances, what’s the zaniest job you ever had? One summer I decided to work for a private investigator. I chose a PI with the largest ad in the yellow pages (remember the yellow pages!?). Anyway I called him up and we had an interview in a bar. He put me to work the next week. For my first gig I thought I’d be following a deadbeat dad or something…instead I had a briefcase with a hidden video camera. I boarded a Learjet and tracked a guy around the country in his Learjet with a couple car chases in between. Only in New York!

While I Google “learjet,” why don’t you show us your favorite animated gif. sadsadWhy the love for a panda wrecking an office? I’d love to wear this and antagonize cabbies.

Touché. How’d you get that scar? When I was five I fell on a broken bottle at the zoo and my flustered mother took me to the vet (oldest kids get a raw deal when it comes to parenting skills). The veterinarian gave me a banana and sent us to the hospital.

At least you got a banana! Can you provide context for the last time you said “I’ll be right back.” I was sitting in the veterinarian office’s waiting room. I heard a loud squawking emanating from the doctor’s office–I couldn’t imagine what she was doing to the patient in there. When she opened the door, there was a large macaw on her shoulder.

For some reason I imagine the vet giving you a Rorschach test. Here’s one for you now, what do you see?


My mother taking me to the vet (see above) and blood everywhere. It was traumatic.

We’re gonna go ahead and dial back the trauma for a bit. When it comes to cutting loose, do you practice any of the following dance moves? 

  • dougie
  • cat Daddy
  • the jerk
  • stanky legg 

Ask the people in the building directly across from my living room. At this point I’m sure I’m a youtube star somewhere. Maybe in Japan.

The thing/part you struggle most when writing/editing?
Rewriting. You think every first version is a masterpiece.

Haikus are so hot right now. Mind giving us a genuine Eve-inspired haiku?
My shrink on the street
Just someone with a fat ass
Looking for a cab

Wow, you really dislike cab drivers! Please fill in the blanks:
I am incredibly relieved someone invented ear plugs. Without them I might have to take matters into my own hands.

I’d hate to be on the recipient end of your wrath, Eve. All right, let’s wrap things up with a This or That (bold picks are Eve’s)

  • Yankees or Mets?
  • New York Thin Pizza or Chicago Deep Dish
  • Being too hot or being too cold
  • Breaking Bad marathon or Sex and the City marathon
  • Paying too much for car insurance or switching to Geico
  • Coffee or RedBull
  • Going to the beach or going to the Museum
  • Guitarist or Drummer
  • Beemer, Bendz, or Bentley