About Tim Edmundson

Tim Edmundson joined Demand Media in February of 2009 and now works as manager of content for Demand Media Studios. He enjoys long walks on the beach and ensuring the production of quality online content.

Do Slack Off

chaos-office2__final_2The Demand Media Studios office can be a hectic place. The day to day operations of keeping the Studio running require a boatload of hard work and teamwork. It involves a cast of characters that can range into the dozens who can be spread out across multiple departments. Needless to say, communication is important if we want to keep this operation running smoothly. Continue reading

My Habitual Writing Habit

timsblogEveryone adheres to a writing habit  – some absolutely need that cup of coffee to power them through their text, others may rely on puffing on a cigarette. Some folks, myself included, like to throw on some music and find their mojo the audible way – and that’s what we’re discussing today – the inspiring rhythms of our favorite jams. Continue reading

Lucky Break — How I Became an Editor

timBy: Tim Edmundson

Demand Media Studios – a place I’ve called home for nearly four years. But, I’ve been associated with the Demand Media brand for over five years. That’s right, I started with the company in a much different capacity – I was an office admin. Well technically I wasn’t an office admin; my title was Facilities Coordinator but no one actually knows what that is (I learned this when telling people what it was I did for a living) so I just started saying office admin. Continue reading