About Richard Lally

Richard Lally has written, co-written, ghostwritten or scriptdoctored (a verb I just made up) 19 books. In 1982, he and Bill "Spaceman" Lee wrote the best-selling autobiography, "The Wrong Stuff." In 2002, Princeton University Library named his book, "Bombers: An Oral History of the New York Yankees," to its Dixon Collection, a library of "fiction or nonfiction illustrative of contemporary life and thought."

Writing Tips From Tip-Top Writers

richardDemand writers often ask me to recommend books they can use to hone their composition skills. I invariably suggest these five, each of which I read annually: Continue reading

Rejecting Rejection

fantasyOurs has become an increasingly fractious world, in which unanimity on any one issue often proves as elusive as satori, the state Zen Buddhists describe as that rare, sudden flash of awareness that produces enlightenment. Yet, there exists at least one sentiment about which the entire DMD community agrees: Rejections reek. Continue reading

Moving Off the Block


Sitting here, staring at a blank page, filled with dread, the switchblades slicing my innards. They’ve demanded a blog, and I have no idea what to write. Not a clue.

To help writers find inspiration, Gabriele Rico, author of “Writing the Natural Way,” recommends an exercise in which you compose a paragraph in the style of some famous author. Then, immediately afterward, you write your own original prose, and the creative start the exercise provides should free your head, heart and hand.

I like that idea. Merely reading a fine novel often spurs my creativity. Perhaps one of those writers, peering down from the bookcase shelves hovering above my desk, could assist me. Continue reading