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Credit: Ashley Gove/Demand Media

Credit: Ashley Gove/Demand Media

We might be a little too excited about Spring here at Demand Media Studios.  More specifically about Spring’s flowers. We’d apologize, but our community is whipping up too many seasonally delicious articles (and accompanying images) to resist — like the one above! It also calls attention to our expanding photo studio and as of late they’ve made one more leap — their very own Pinterest page where amazing Demand Media Studios photos reside for all to ogle. Neat, huh? To check out all of the images click here!


Refreshing Your Florals

Image Credit: Famous Footwear

Image Credit: Famous Footwear

Time to ditch those flannel shirts, heavy coats and boots. Spring has arrived.

To help us re-imagine our spring wardrobe beyond that flowered sundress, we turned to this Famous Footwear article: Freshen Up Your Spring Florals. Writer Mary Avant offers some great tips on our partner’s site on experimenting with new colors, patterns and accessories for a spring-ready look. We will definitely take her advice on mixing things up with a floral blazer with jeans at the office.

Which floral trend do you plan on adopting?

News on News

A few months ago journalist and Washington Post regular, Ezra Klein announced that he would be leaving the publication to start his very own news outlet called Vox.

You might be scratching your head right about now. Why would a seasoned journalist leave such a gig? After all, isn’t Klein’s career the stuff of journalistic dreams? Turns out Klein isn’t satisfied simply toeing the journalistic line. He’s passionate about the news and how that news is consumed by readers.

Vox’s mission? Present objective news in a way that people can understand it — not just get the facts, but grasp the back story of the story and said stories future implications. Revolutionary people.

Vox launched officially yesterday — check it out here!

Tell us how you feel about this new take on news. How do you consume your news?

10 Tips To Make Your Workday Great

Image credit:

Image credit:

Sometimes it’s the simple things — like leaving yourself a little pick me up note on the bathroom mirror — that can have a great impact on your day. While there are a multitude of tips on making big changes to your attitude and environment, we thought we’d focus on the small things that can make your day better (and hopefully, more productive). Check out this Forbes list of “10 Ways To Make the Most of Every Day.”

And when you’re done reading that, and anxious to find some killer quotes to motivate you during your morning routine at the sink, here is a list of inspiring quotes to ponder.

Do you have a quote that makes you feel inspired and excited about the day? Please share it with us.

Harness Spring Fever

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Daylight hours are longer. Temperatures are getting warmer. And everything around us — both nature and people — seems to be reinvigorated by leaving winter behind. Ok, maybe the warming up trend is just for the folks in the Southwest, but spring is definitely here and you can likely expect a boost in your mood.

“Sunny days and warm weather seem to boost mood and have a broadening affect on cognition, basically opening the mind to new ideas,” said Matthew Keller, Ph.D., in an O magazine article.

And to make sure you don’t feel distracted by the (hopefully) nice weather and blooming nature, we dug up some ideas to make spring work for you instead of against you. Check out this Huff Post round up of tips to stay focused when spring fever hits.

Our favorites are the little tricks like taking your phone calls on a walk outside, or adding fresh flowers to your desk. But enough about us, tell us what your favorite tricks are to keep work going and yourself happy this spring.

Happy Pi Day!


What’s the square root of pi? I have no idea, thank you kindly. I may not fully grasp the concept of Pi, but I certainly understand the delights of the other, less intimidating and mathematically complex, PIE.

Lucky for me (and you readers), I’m not the only Demand Media Studios enamored with the tasty, warm, buttery, sweet, savory, flaky and downright delicious treat that is pie. We’ve got a plethora of drool-inducing articles on the topic. Whip up a pie of your own today and check out some of these articles produced by pie-lovers

Can You Make a Pie Shell Using Pancake Mix?

I’m not going to spoil this interesting read by answering the curious question, but read along  because it’s a good one!

How to Keep Pie Crust From Bubbling While Baking

My grandmother told me to put pennies on the bottom of the crust… I wonder if that’s a tip shared in this article… Check it out!

How to Cook a Light Chicken Pot Pie

Because pie doesn’t always have to be sweet or fattening!

Top 5 in Pets

We’ve got so much quality stuff coming out of our 22 sections, that we want to start bragging about sharing it more regularly. We thought we’d kick things off with the Pets section, because we get the sense that animal lovers are a popular breed in the Studio. Here are five articles that section editor Eve Lederman and site editor Cathy Flanagan picked out because of their spot-on answers for all your cow, kangaroo and creepy crawler questions.

mantis What Female Insect Kills the Male After Sex? by Pamela Meadors

mooDo Cows Make a Different Sound Besides Moo? by Kat Walden

kangarooWhat Bones Power a Kangaroo’s Jumping? by Ben Team

lizardWhy Do Lizards Fall Asleep When You Put Them on Their Back? by Slone Wayking

CentipedeHow Many Eyes Do Centipedes Have? by Betty Lewis

The DMS Gift Guide

While we hope most of your yuletide gifting is complete, there are few people on the planet who understand procrastination better than writers! So in celebration of buying those last minute gifts we polled our editorial team to see what their “favorite things” this holiday season are! Here’s what we came up with:



Tim, Fitness & Nutrition Editor

Tim is dreaming big this holiday season. Topping his list is the Eurocopter SA 315B LAMA. Do we know what this is? No we sure don’t, but Tim is jazzed. He says that, “With a new bubble window and KT 76 A transponder, this German luxury helicopter is the perfect gift for little Johan or Marie.” 




Joe Crosby, Business & Finance Editor

An office robot for the remote employee is topping Joe’s list since he works from our Seattle-area office, while his team is based in Santa Monica. This Segway-like, remote-controlled contraption with an iPad “head” would allow him to be in on all the action, even when he isn’t physically present. Extra bonus: It would really freak out coworkers to have these things speeding down the halls.




Jessica Noah, Culture, Home Decor, Parenting, & Travel

Maybe Jessica has been editing too many articles about children… But this unique unicorn pencil sharpener is her go-to gift. Why we asked Jessica? “It makes me laugh,” she says. Who can argue with that!



Richard Lally, Education & Careers Editor 

If you have loved ones who enjoy being inconspicuous, this just might be the gift for you. Kidding. Richard Lally knows a good automobile when he sees one — and a good deal. He explains that this, “Authentic 1966 Batmobile, as it appeared in the hit TV series, “Batman,” comes with a propane afterburner that shoots sparks as you race down the road, a Batphone, a bright red, rotating beacon that warns passersby to swerve out of the way when you’re hotly pursuing the Joker, and a Batbeam ray for committing who knows what sort of mayhem. A steal at $200,000.” 




Eve Lederman, Family & Relationships, Pets & Real Estate

Got a smarty-pants on your list? Make them prove it by hooking them up to the NeuroSky MindWave — a gadget that interprets brain activity on your very own home computer. Eve Lederman hopes her gift will allow her cronies to, “Digitize their brain waves and play a game of bend a spoon… or something.”

We hope these ideas have been helpful! So

tell us, what will you be gifting this year?!

Pen to Paper



It’s hard to remember the last time I wrote anything longer than a grocery list by hand — excepting my Christmas list that is! With all of the gadgets modern day life has allotted us, it’s a rarity to actually put pen to paper. But, scientists are saying that might be a big mistake for our minds and deteriorating penmanship. Here are the highlights, but if you’d like to check out the whole article, click here.

1. You learn better…

Writing notes by hand apparently activates part of the brain called the Reticular Activating Center (RAS), which filters information for your brain to process. And wouldn’t you just know that handwritten material moves to the front to of the line for processing?

2. You’ll probably win a Pulitzer…

Some of the best writers ever wrote by hand — and not only the ones that had to (Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare etc.). I’m talking Susan Sontag and Truman Capote, who both prefer writing by hand prior to typing up their masterful works.

3. Quick look over there!

If you were writing something by hand you would NOT have just looked to your right or left. Putting pencil or pen to paper forces you to focus on one letter, sentence and paragraph at a time instead of being perpetually distracted by blinking chat screens, email pop-ups and well…

4. Stay smart

Mental fitness is important — many of us do crosswords or subscribe to brain-training sites like — but one easy way to keep your brain firing on all cylinders is to write longhand every now and again. Writing engages your motor skills, memory and even your ability to pick up new language skills.

10 Things My Studio Bio Won’t Tell You

Karen on one of her many adventures -- this time in northern Kenya.

Karen on one of her many adventures — this time in northern Kenya.

Name: Karen Sherman

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Years in the Studio: Four

Sections I chief for: Travel, Style and Food & Drink

1. I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…

Planning my next trip, or the one after that. Or the one after that. Or a trip for someone else to take.

2. If I had to describe my work in three words, they would be…

Interested. Particular. Flexible.

3. The one thing I wish I could do well, but can’t is…

Play sports. I’m a good swimmer, but at anything that involves a bunch of people getting together and smacking a ball around, I’m pretty hopeless.



4. If I ruled the world for a day I would…

Run away and hide. I’m not comfortable wielding that much power!

5. I couldn’t make it through the day without…

Music. But chocolate helps too. As does pie.

6. The greatest risk I ever took was…

Quitting my job to vagabond my way around the world. Choosing to let my return ticket expire and just keep wandering might have been a bigger risk, but it wasn’t nearly as scary. And by the time I made it home again, choosing to freelance instead of getting a real job was easy!

7. You’ll catch me saying this phrase far too often …

“Let me just reiterate…”

The road trip Karen is saving up for!

The road trip Karen is saving up for!

8. I am saving up for…

A road trip to Newfoundland…the long and complicated way. Anyone want to donate two spare tires (on rims)?

9. What is your theme song for life?

“Consequence Free” by Great Big Sea. Or maybe “These Are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs.

10. My favorite movie of all time is…

Danny Kaye’s “The Court Jester.”