10 Tips To Make Your Workday Great

Image credit: gusssygirl.blogspot.com

Image credit: gusssygirl.blogspot.com

Sometimes it’s the simple things — like leaving yourself a little pick me up note on the bathroom mirror — that can have a great impact on your day. While there are a multitude of tips on making big changes to your attitude and environment, we thought we’d focus on the small things that can make your day better (and hopefully, more productive). Check out this Forbes list of “10 Ways To Make the Most of Every Day.”

And when you’re done reading that, and anxious to find some killer quotes to motivate you during your morning routine at the sink, here is a list of inspiring quotes to ponder.

Do you have a quote that makes you feel inspired and excited about the day? Please share it with us.

Harness Spring Fever

Image Credit: coeurdespritnaturalperfume.blogspot.com

Image Credit: coeurdespritnaturalperfume.blogspot.com

Daylight hours are longer. Temperatures are getting warmer. And everything around us — both nature and people — seems to be reinvigorated by leaving winter behind. Ok, maybe the warming up trend is just for the folks in the Southwest, but spring is definitely here and you can likely expect a boost in your mood.

“Sunny days and warm weather seem to boost mood and have a broadening affect on cognition, basically opening the mind to new ideas,” said Matthew Keller, Ph.D., in an O magazine article.

And to make sure you don’t feel distracted by the (hopefully) nice weather and blooming nature, we dug up some ideas to make spring work for you instead of against you. Check out this Huff Post round up of tips to stay focused when spring fever hits.

Our favorites are the little tricks like taking your phone calls on a walk outside, or adding fresh flowers to your desk. But enough about us, tell us what your favorite tricks are to keep work going and yourself happy this spring.

Mind Your (not You’re) Grammar

199sl04arf4a2jpgGrammatical errors happen and in the age of emoticons, chat acronyms and slang they seem to be happening more and more frequently. That’s why every now and again it’s important to brush up on the basics. Because let’s face it — despite what we writers and editors like to think — we ain’t perfect. Here a few of the errors that made Business Insider’s, “15 Annoying Grammatical Mistakes That People Always Make.”

  • Improper ellipses
  • Using “than” instead of “then”
  • Confusing homophones
  • Affect vs. Effect
  • Irregardless (yep, not a word)

What is your biggest grammar pet peeve? Let us know by leaving a reply!

Top 5 in Fitness & Nutrition

Image Credit: Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images

We still have quality stuff coming out of our sections, so we want to continue bragging about sharing it with our community. Here are five articles that section editor Tim Edmundson and site editor Kelly Cooper picked out from Chron.com and the Complete Nurition blog because they do a great job answering those burning fitness and nutrition questions. We feel healthier just reading them!

Do You Need to Sweat a Lot to Get a Good Workout? (by Andrea Cespedes for Chron.com)

Work Out Like a Basketball Player (by Melodie Coffman for Complete Nutrition)

Spring Break Prep: Get Fit for the Beach (by Melodie Coffman for Complete Nutrition)

How to Make a Low-Sugar Protein Shake (by Melodie Coffman for Complete Nutrition)

Thermogenics: A Metabolic Boost (by Stella Metsovas for Complete Nutrition)

Finding Your Inspiration

Walden Pond. Image credit: waldenpondstatereservation.wordpress.com

Thoreau’s Walden Pond. Image credit: waldenpondstatereservation.wordpress.com

The weekend is quickly approaching, so we thought it was time to start thinking about recharging your creative batteries before next week. One writer describes how traveling to literary landmarks where famous writers nursed some of their most influential works — like Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond — reminded her about the importance of honing her craft. Check out her 5 Writing Lessons Inspired by Famous People, to find some inspiration and tips for returning on Monday with a revived state of mind. Enjoy the weekend!

10 Things My Studio Bio Won’t Tell You

xxx says her favorite movie has to be Labyrinth starring David Bowie. Image credit: rouxlala.com

Jenny says her favorite movie has to be Labyrinth starring David Bowie. Image credit: rouxlala.com

Name: Jenny Harrington

Location: Spokane, Washington

Years in the Studio: Almost five!

Sections I write for: Primarily gardening, with a bit of food and home improvement thrown in for good measure.

I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…

Taking care of our ducks, tending our backyard garden, working on a creative or artsy project, taking MIT open course or EdX classes, hiking and exploring, planning an adventure, playing with my boys, or enjoying a fine microbrew with my husband.

If I had to describe my work in three words, they would be….

Write every day.

The one thing I wish I could do well, but can’t is…

Math. I’ve always wanted to be good at math. I’m getting better, and currently working my way through all the math I didn’t understand when I was younger. Surprisingly, it makes more sense now so soon I may just be able to do it well.

The difference between writers and editors is…

One starts with a “w” and the other starts with an “e.” In all seriousness, a good writer sometimes needs to edit and a good editor sometimes needs to write. One is just the extension of the other. We need each other!

If I ruled the world for a day I would…

Declare it a holiday. I’d also erase episodes 1 through 3 from the Star Wars cannon.

I couldn’t make it through the day without…

Hot tea, my family and the internet.

The greatest risk I ever took was…

I’ve taken a lot of risks, so I’m not sure what to pick! The top ones are: backpacking around Scotland, learning to hike and backpack alone when I was younger, saying yes when my husband popped the question, moving cross-country on a whim, and putting fingers to keyboard every morning. I take a risk every time I say “yes” instead of “no,” and I try to say “yes” a lot.

You’ll catch me saying this phrase far too often …

That rocks!

What is your theme song for life?

Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again.”

My favorite movie of all time is…

Gah, I can’t pick just one! (Almost) anything based on Marvel comics.

If I have to pick one, though, I must go with Labyrinth. C’mon, it’s David Bowie!

Work Smarter With Less Stress

Mondays have the potential to turn even the most prepared freelancer into a little ball of stress. While a little bit of stress can help drive your work, too much can become harmful to your health (and your productivity).

In the spirit of relaxing that building tension in your neck and the twitching foot, check out these five tips from Fast Company to reduce stress. Making time for a short walk, giving someone a smile or committing to one specific task can help you refocus your mind and body.

Do you have any foolproof tips to reduce stress? Please share below.


Happy Pi Day!


What’s the square root of pi? I have no idea, thank you kindly. I may not fully grasp the concept of Pi, but I certainly understand the delights of the other, less intimidating and mathematically complex, PIE.

Lucky for me (and you readers), I’m not the only Demand Media Studios enamored with the tasty, warm, buttery, sweet, savory, flaky and downright delicious treat that is pie. We’ve got a plethora of drool-inducing articles on the topic. Whip up a pie of your own today and check out some of these articles produced by pie-lovers

Can You Make a Pie Shell Using Pancake Mix?

I’m not going to spoil this interesting read by answering the curious question, but read along  because it’s a good one!

How to Keep Pie Crust From Bubbling While Baking

My grandmother told me to put pennies on the bottom of the crust… I wonder if that’s a tip shared in this article… Check it out!

How to Cook a Light Chicken Pot Pie

Because pie doesn’t always have to be sweet or fattening!

Conference Time

Credit: artsandmedia.net

Credit: artsandmedia.net

Hollywood has award season. Journalists have conference season. I don’t know about you, but I’d take learning about digital media, mobile content and arguments over the Oxford comma over a gold statue any day. Here are a few of the conferences we won’t be missing!

Society of Professional Journalists

Starting the last week of March, SPJ is traveling the country through May and playing host to accomplished and aspiring journalists.

Journalism Interactive

East Coasters shouldn’t miss this gathering at University of Maryland on April 4 and 5. Master data-driven data, mobile content and how to master entrepreneurship.

Midwest Journalism Conference

Head to the Twin Cities for this behemoth of a conference on March 28 and 29. Journalism heavyweights like the Northwest Broadcast News Association, Region 6 of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Minnesota Associated Press, the Upper Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Radio Television Digital News Association/Foundation and the University of Minnesota gather at this function to dole out advice and of course, network.

International Symposium on Online Journalism

Hosted in Austin, from April 4-5, the ISOJ hones in on the digital content that has transformed the journalistic climate. Digital heavyweights from Vice, Vox, Racked, Gawker and Google will gather to give you insider tips on how to make the most of digital content.

Have you made plans to attend a journalism conference this year? Tell us which one!

What Looks Good in Food

We’ve got so much quality stuff coming out of our 22 sections, so we want to continue to highlight the highlights from each and every one. There is a bounty of delicious content coming out of the food section, so here are five articles that section editor Tiffany Lin and site editor Claire Webb picked out. They found the unusual tips on cooking tongue, geeked out cocktail ideas, and helpful hints to make you a dumpling dynamo so very inspiring. Bon appetit!

Learn how to make futuristic drinks like this tang cocktail concoction, inspired by astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Learn how to make futuristic drinks like this tang cocktail concoction, inspired by astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Futuristic Alcoholic Drinks


By Chance Gartneer

Image credit: Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Image credit: Jupiterimages/Stockbyte/Getty Images

What Makes a Glaze a Glaze?


By Rebecca Bragg

How to Cook Tongue Barbeque

Global Post

By JK Assar

Image credit: Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Image credit: Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

How to Keep Rolled Dumplings Fluffy

Global Post

By JK Assar

Image credit: foodnetwork.com

Image credit: foodnetwork.com

Can I Make Ganache Chips?

Global Post

By Fred Decker