Spotlight on Demand with Reina Glenn

ReiReiLet’s get the basics nailed down first. Who are you and what do you do here? *Bonus points if you write in third-person!  

Challenge accepted…

Reina Glenn is the Associate Editor working in the Studio. She has a degree in English from UCLA, and is consequently a certified bookworm. She (not so sarcastically) calls herself a grandma, because she loves to bake and falls asleep far earlier than is acceptable for her age. Fun facts: she spent most of her adolescence onstage dancing and singing, she has a cat named Big Red, and she can beat box.

blogersonaaNow that that’s taken care of, you are originally from LA, but you briefly moved to Ohio, and then back to LA. What do you miss most about Ohio? There’s an ice cream shop called Jeni’s that is genuinely the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life. It’s artisanal and a little bit hipster, because you can get flavors like goat cheese and cherry.

I also left a few very close friends in the Midwest (who I suppose I miss more than the ice cream…maybe).

What about LA do you appreciate the most? The weather. I happened to be in Ohio for the two worst winters on record, and I will never forget going outside after a particularly long cold front and finally feeling warmit was 30 degrees. To an LA native, that is the stuff of nightmares.

Your ideal weekend (or day), summarized in a Tweetreina

I like the idea off sleeping where you fall. What happens to be your pet peeve? This list could potentially be a mile long, but the first thing that comes to mind is when people say “I’m sorry” too much.

I’m sorry you feel that way. What’s the most challenging aspect of being a writer? That initial moment of sharing my work with others. I can read something I’ve written over and over again to make sure it’s good, but I’ll always hold my breath the first time someone else looks at it.

Having someone evaluate your work is always a gut-wrenching experience. What song helps you get into a creative mindset? Andrew Belle has some great songs for inspiring creativity. I use this song as a warm up because it builds to a steady moving pace, kind of mimicking the creative process.

janeyListening to the song now. By the way, who’s your literary hero? Jane Austen. She made an art out of mocking other people, and disguised it all as romance.

You’ve read and watched Game of Thrones. Which do you prefer? Who’s your favorite character? This is a little blasphemous to say, but I actually prefer the show. Normally I preach that “the book is always better,” but the writers of the show very skillfully trimmed the superfluous parts of the books—and honestly, there were plenty. Now that the show has outpaced the books (I’m looking at you, George R. R. Martin), they’re redirecting the storylines in very clever ways.

I’m torn between Dany and Tyrion on the favorite character front. She’s a badass leader who’s well beyond her years, and he’s both insanely intelligent and the resident comedic relief.

I’m in camp Tyrion. I heard you’ve edited a few books, can you speak about that a bit? To me, editing is even more gratifying than writing, especially when it’s not my own work. There’s nothing more rewarding than a writer telling me that I helped her find the words she didn’t even know she had. I just finished working with a popular self-published author on her fourth YA novel, and it was my favorite project to date.

Finally, can you provide context for the last time you said “I’ll be right back.” I was FaceTiming with a friend when I heard a clattering from the other room. Turns out it was my cat knocking pretty much everything off the bathroom counter to get to the box where I keep my hair ties. Sneaky bastard.

Until next time!

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