About Brooks Huber

Brooks is the Community Specialist for Demand Media Studios. He's a sucker for electronic entertainment, and all things tech-related. When the situation calls for it he's also capable of geeking out. Word on the street is that he's a stand up guy (we'll see about that).

Fun With Photoshop

You may recall a blog post I submitted earlier this year, titled “Change the Channel.” In it I discussed the importance of channeling your creativity into a medium that isn’t writing. Simple enough. After some deliberation, I feel it’s time for another round of off-the-wall Photoshopped images.

Please keep in mind that these mocked-up images are playful takes on the originals. It’s all about having fun during your down time, right?

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Spotlight on Demand with Reina Glenn

ReiReiLet’s get the basics nailed down first. Who are you and what do you do here? *Bonus points if you write in third-person!  

Challenge accepted…

Reina Glenn is the Associate Editor working in the Studio. She has a degree in English from UCLA, and is consequently a certified bookworm. She (not so sarcastically) calls herself a grandma, because she loves to bake and falls asleep far earlier than is acceptable for her age. Fun facts: she spent most of her adolescence onstage dancing and singing, she has a cat named Big Red, and she can beat box. Continue reading

Your Most Frequently Asked Freestyle Questions, Answered!

bloggersThere’s no such thing as a “stupid” question around here! With the new Content Creation Tool in full swing, it’s inevitable to run into a host of questions. As the community specialist and over-seer of the forums, I have gathered some of the most common questions I’ve received here in this blog.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Question: How do I get back to the Work Desk?

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Can’t Someone Else Do It?!

cantsomeoneJ. D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye,” Shel Silverstein’s The “Giving Tree,” Tim Urban’s Procrastination Blog Post … what do these three pieces of literature have in common? If you ask me, they’re all must-reads. Continue reading

Featured Contributor: Madison Garcia

sandiego School: San Diego State University
Degree: Masters in Accounting
Approved Sections: Business and Finance, Culture and Society

As a San Diego resident, you must on the inside scoop on the best attraction. Our craft beer. There’s over 100 craft breweries in San Diego and they just keep on coming. I particularly love stopping in at the small brewery tasting rooms in the Mira Mesa and Clairemont Mesa area. The brewers are often the ones serving up the samples and they’re always excited to chat about what’s currently in the fermenter. Continue reading

Change the Channel

ssssssssIt might sound absurd, and even harder to admit, but writing can sometimes feel stale. Considering all the forms of entertainment we have circumventing the web — videos of cats, animated gifs, breathtaking photography — standard text, all by itself on a plain piece of paper, appears … archaic. Purists will argue there’s no truer form of entertainment than reading a passage and embarking on an adventure using nothing but the imagination, which is fine. Truth be told I’m not here to counter argue that, as that ideology does make sense to me. After all, I love writing. However, as a creative individual looking to express myself in different ways, I ventured outside of traditional standard writing in order to find a different channel. That outlet? Photoshop.

What started out as a mere distraction has actually blossomed into a full-fledged hobby. Whereas some people utilize the software to enhance images, I’ve take a slightly different route: I like to alter pre-existing images floating around the web by adding effects. Not only does this practice help to channel my influx of creativity, but it also helps keep my mind sharp. While I enjoy writing, it’s equally as fun to work in this medium.

Here are a few of my favorite altered images. Granted, they aren’t perfect; I am still learning Photoshop’s many intricate tools. As I continually push myself to learn more, the process becomes more enjoyable, and easier. Continue reading

Word Wheel | Emotions

What a clever way to quickly organize a list of words used to describe emotions.The creator, known simply as Onesimusix on imgur.com, had this to say about their hard work, “I work with people who have limited emotional vocabulary and as a result the intensity of their negative emotions and experiences is heightened because they can’t describe their feelings (especially their negative feelings).”

Well, now they (hopefully) can do just that. The Word Wheel is handy no matter what, and definitely something worth having around and referencing.

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Featured Contributor: Seth Amery

finalWho was the most entertaining person you’ve interviewed throughout your career? There are two in particular who stand out to me the most, although for one I had only transcribed the interview. I interviewed the guys behind the No More Room in Hell mod for Half-Life 2, which adds a ton of realistic zombie gameplay and a barricade mode, and it really impressed me how much effort they were pouring into this detailed mod that they released for free; it was a glimpse into raw passion. It stuck with me.

I transcribed an interview with Doug Kennedy of Reverb Publishing, and during that they discussed fixing the standard developer-publisher relationship that favored big guys at the literal expense of their development team. It was reassuring to read about at least one other person who wanted to fix a very real problem in the industry and was actually trying to do something about it. Continue reading

Albert Camus + Stock Photos = Poetic Imagery?


camusI stumbled upon Albert Camus’ powerful quote [above] while browsing Reddit‘s many intricately woven subcategories. A user by the name of capatiller posted the quote in response to another user’s struggle with alcoholism; more specifically, dropping the habit and fighting the battle to remain sober. The quote, in its entirety, actually goes like this, “In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger — something better, pushing right back.” No doubt an inspirational saying that applies to life’s everyday struggles. Continue reading

My 2015 Literary Resolution

champagneDid you make a resolution for 2015? If not, might I suggest keeping things simple by announcing a reading/writing resolution? Because for me, I refuse to beat myself up by adhering to some sort of fad diet; nor am I going to hold myself to a ridiculous travel resolution that’ll break the wallet — “visit X number of states.” Rather, my approach to 2015 is more about acceptance. Acceptance of my habits, my choices, and my means. My resolution is to read one book a month. That’s it. By keeping my expectations low I can avoid failure (I hope.) Twelve months from now, when I look back on 2015 — after having watched the new Star Wars film — I’ll feel empowered, and proud that I accomplished my task. It’s the twelve months of books…starting now! Continue reading