Random Quotes with Studio Editors

It’s always a lively affair here at the Demand Media office — dogs often parade down the hallways, the candy corner brims with the latest sugary confections and conference rooms showcase light-bulb-moment ideas on white boards. Despite these many (and other) distractions, everyone is hard at work, furiously typing away on their keyboards. And while the Studio editors lose themselves in their respective sections and responsibilities, what better way to break the monotony then by proposing the following question: “Off the top of your head, can you recite one of your favorite quotes?”
Let’s see what was on their minds …

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Happy Holidays from the DMS Team


Esteemed Writers and Editors of DMS,

Can you believe 2014 is steadily drawing to a close? As we prepare the Studio for the holiday observance next week, we want to say “thank you!” to our contributors. Continue reading

Spotlight on Demand with Rachel Grice

spotlightonDemIt’s time for another edition of Spotlight on Demand, a feature wherein we ask the tough questions to members of our own team here at Demand Studios. This time around it’s Rachel Grice, the Science and Titling Editor. Let’s find out what makes her smile!


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Spotlight on Demand with the lovable Tim Edmundson

Timothy Edmundson: resident funny man, overall good guy, and hardest working stiff I know finally took some time to help produce our ongoing Editorial Feature: Spotlight on Demand, where we interview our very own in-house team and ask them funny/embarrassing/important questions. Let’s get to know Tim a little better, shall we?

tim-photoWhere’d you go to School? Cal State Long Beach
Degree? Creative Writing
Years at studio: 3? 4?
Sections: Fitness, Nutrition, Sports & Recreation (coming soon), Hobbies & Games (coming soon)

Alright, Tim first test: Your fantastical life summarized in a Tweet (140 characters):


With 86 characters to spare, nonetheless. You DO like to rock and roll, and/or party every day. Thrasher!

Speaking of Rock’n’Roll, you recently got back from vacationing in Sin City. How much money did you lose? I don’t see it so much as losing as it is donating to the fine community of Las Vegas.

No judgment…What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Who is your favorite Super Hero from the Marvel Universe? I saw a trailer for a Marvel film with a talking raccoon. My favorite Marvel super hero is that talking raccoon.

That would be Rocket Raccoon, who is voiced by Bradley Cooper. Oh, and the movie/comic is Guardians of the Galaxy. So, what would your Super Hero powers be if you were one? Talking to animals would be pretty cool. “Hey dog, what’s up!” “Nothing, Tim!” Great stuff!


Also looking forward to Guardians. By the way, what’s your favorite ‘Dude/Bro’ movie from the 80’s or 90’s? Platoon, but I don’t think it really fits the classic mold for “Dude/Bro” movie so I’ll go with Predator, which is like Platoon but with an alien.

Fair enough. What’s the “best” meal of the day? Breakfast food is the best, because you can also eat it for dinner. It’s got it all!

Hey nutritional expert, is gluten-free a myth? I have a friend who has a medical issue with gluten and have seen first-hand what it can do to someone with her condition. It’s not a lot of fun! Everyone else, though, just eat the gluten…it’s not going to kill you.

What’s your caffeine intake like? Too much caffeine – two cups of coffee and a red bull a day is pretty normal for me. I’ve recently decided to cut back though so I don’t die.

Tim, please don’t overdose…

Favorite team-based sport? Tottenham Hotspur – they’re an English soccer team with a funny name and I love them to death.
Favorite solo sport? I played golf once; I was terrible but I also had a lot of fun.

Last video you watched on YouTube? The last thing I watched was a compilation of Russian dash cam footage. Russia is an insane place.

OK, because this is a blog about Writing, what software taught you to type?  Computer games taught me how to type – Everquest to be specific. It was a high action multiplayer game that required a lot of teamwork, and the only way to communicate was to type messages to other players. I learned to type quick and concise out of necessity. Who says video games don’t teach you anything?

The part you struggle most when writing/editing? I’ll type and retype a sentence until I get it just the right way – I want anything I write to flow.

As always, let’s finish with This or That — *Tim’s answers are the bold picks.
Garfield or Odie?
• Bagels or Donuts?
Disneyland or California Adventure?
• Sony or Microsoft?
Whiskey or Vodka?
• Birthday or Christmas?
Reading or Writing?

In Memoriam: Maya Angelou

Photo by Stephen Matteson Jr/New York Times Co./Getty Images)

Photo by Stephen Matteson Jr/New York Times Co./Getty Images)

Last night esteemed  poet, author, and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou passed away. She was 86 and it’s safe to say that in her time, she not only lived life to the fullest, but left a legacy of words enabling others to do the same. Whether inspired by her works of fiction and prose, or by her own stirring sentiments on life — Angelou’s words are what she leaves behind. So today, we’ll celebrate this heck of a lady by sharing a few of our favorite phrases.

“A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.”
“Let the brain go to work let it meet the heart and you will be able to forgive.”
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel.”
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”

Now Arriving: eHow Renovation Assignments

UPDATE: 6/17/2014

Good news everyone, as of this morning every Section is officially Now Boarding. That’s right, each Section is set and ready to go, meaning you’ll be able to view/claim renovated eHow assignments! Please note that you’ll have to first be approved for a Section(s) before being able to view/claim.

Also, please note that we’re releasing assignments as fast as we can. If you log in, click on Find Assignments, and see little to nothing it’s most likely because assignments have been claimed by other writers. If you feel this might be an error you can always reach us at the Help Desk via EditorialTeam@DemandStudios.com.

Thank you! 


Again, keep in mind we’re constantly adding new assignments. If you’re part of an active section, and you don’t see anything in “Find Assignments,” don’t lose hope. We recommend you get in the habit of checking back regularly, as assignments tend to drop when they’re available.

Spotlight on Demand with Eve Lederman

It’s time for another sit down with one of our own DMS peeps, Eve Lederman! The Big Apple resident despises cab drivers, divulges a traumatic tale of going to the veterinarian, and even wrote a glorified haiku.


Eve at 3 years old, training for Everest.

Current Residence: Manhattan (NY)
Dream Residence: Somewhere I can eat fruit off trees
Years with DMS: Eight
Sections: Home Décor, Pets, Family & Relationships, Real Estate and Travel

Oh boy, looks like we have another New Yorker on our hands. Are you native to the city? I’m from upstate NY (aka the tundra), which means 7 hours from the city. It’s not Westchester–which natives consider to be upstate.

Gotcha. So what’s the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed on a NY Subway? Bonus points if it involves something that’s NSFW. 
A rat carrying an entire slice of pizza.

That’s…weird. Speaking of unusual circumstances, what’s the zaniest job you ever had? One summer I decided to work for a private investigator. I chose a PI with the largest ad in the yellow pages (remember the yellow pages!?). Anyway I called him up and we had an interview in a bar. He put me to work the next week. For my first gig I thought I’d be following a deadbeat dad or something…instead I had a briefcase with a hidden video camera. I boarded a Learjet and tracked a guy around the country in his Learjet with a couple car chases in between. Only in New York!

While I Google “learjet,” why don’t you show us your favorite animated gif. sadsadWhy the love for a panda wrecking an office? I’d love to wear this and antagonize cabbies.

Touché. How’d you get that scar? When I was five I fell on a broken bottle at the zoo and my flustered mother took me to the vet (oldest kids get a raw deal when it comes to parenting skills). The veterinarian gave me a banana and sent us to the hospital.

At least you got a banana! Can you provide context for the last time you said “I’ll be right back.” I was sitting in the veterinarian office’s waiting room. I heard a loud squawking emanating from the doctor’s office–I couldn’t imagine what she was doing to the patient in there. When she opened the door, there was a large macaw on her shoulder.

For some reason I imagine the vet giving you a Rorschach test. Here’s one for you now, what do you see?


My mother taking me to the vet (see above) and blood everywhere. It was traumatic.

We’re gonna go ahead and dial back the trauma for a bit. When it comes to cutting loose, do you practice any of the following dance moves? 

  • dougie
  • cat Daddy
  • the jerk
  • stanky legg 

Ask the people in the building directly across from my living room. At this point I’m sure I’m a youtube star somewhere. Maybe in Japan.

The thing/part you struggle most when writing/editing?
Rewriting. You think every first version is a masterpiece.

Haikus are so hot right now. Mind giving us a genuine Eve-inspired haiku?
My shrink on the street
Just someone with a fat ass
Looking for a cab

Wow, you really dislike cab drivers! Please fill in the blanks:
I am incredibly relieved someone invented ear plugs. Without them I might have to take matters into my own hands.

I’d hate to be on the recipient end of your wrath, Eve. All right, let’s wrap things up with a This or That (bold picks are Eve’s)

  • Yankees or Mets?
  • New York Thin Pizza or Chicago Deep Dish
  • Being too hot or being too cold
  • Breaking Bad marathon or Sex and the City marathon
  • Paying too much for car insurance or switching to Geico
  • Coffee or RedBull
  • Going to the beach or going to the Museum
  • Guitarist or Drummer
  • Beemer, Bendz, or Bentley

Tips From The Pros: Photography

So you bought that fancy SLR camera, and now you want to take some professional-quality pics of your kid scoring a winning goal this weekend. Luckily, our studio community has got you covered.

If you want to shoot killer action shots suitable for framing, check out writer and photographer Arisa Kim’s Samsung slideshow: Pro Tips For Great Action Photography. We love it because Kim walks us through advice on camera settings and shooting techniques to get those “money shots.”

Have any tips for getting that perfect shot? Let us know! You can also see even more photo tips on our Photography Tips Pinterest Board!

Spotlight on Demand with Richard Lally

We had a chance to go toe-to-toe with our very own Richard Lally, aka Mr. Popular (and quite possibly “Mr. Slick,” according to the picture, at least.) We tried our best to catch him off guard with our offbeat questions, but our brawn was no match for his brain.


Birth Name: Richard Raymond Lally
Current Residence: Somewhere between here and there
Years with Studio: Eight (that’s 45 in dog years)

All right Richard, summarize your life in a Tweet (140 characters) Actor and stage manager in my first life, author and editor in my second life, working toward enlightenment for my next life. I hope to return as a waterfall.

so close

Fail! A few too many characters, Richard.

You wrote a book about baseball. You must have an opinion on the best ballpark? Most modern ballparks, crammed with diversions as they are, resemble demented pinball machines in which the action on the field unfolds as an afterthought. Fenway has retained its integrity and, concomitantly, its function, and it reeks with history. When you visit a classic park like it, such as Wrigley Field, or the newer parks constructed along classic lines, such as Camden Yards or the latest iteration of Yankee Stadium, you must arrive prepared to actually watch the ballgame. I like that.

Speaking of historical ballparks… I now want you to close your eyes and recall your earliest personal memory. What is it? Shoemaker’s shop in Brooklyn. Sweltering afternoon, no air conditioning, the room redolent with the scent of shoe polish, tanning emollients and old leather. The Mills Brothers harmonize through radio static. They recorded hits in every decade from the 30s to 70s, so that doesn’t help me place the year, but I couldn’t have been older than two, and I was probably quite a bit younger.

New York is home to a number of famous delicatessens. Describe, in explicit detail, your ideal sandwich. Grilled organic chicken breast, large slice of tomato, thinly sliced avocado and red onion on toasted whole grain ciabatta bread, with both slices slathered in black olive tapenade.

Sounds tasty. Who would you have a steak dinner with? Can be fictional, a figure from history, or current.
How about a dinner party? Henry Miller, Louise Brooks, John Cassavettes, Georgia O’Keefe, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Jean-Pierre Melville, Eleanora Duse, Karen O and Marlon Brando. Rosa Lewis, the real “Duchess of Duke Street,” would cater.

New Yorker’s also don’t put up with a lot of crap. What would you say “grinds your gears”?
Mendacity and hyperbole, which should qualify as dead languages.

Speaking of language, what’s the most challenging aspect of being a writer?
Joan Didion once wrote that she awakens most mornings thinking she suffered a stroke in her sleep, and the event has eradicated that part of her brain responsible for communication. So, she wants to write, but has forgotten where to begin. That’s the daily challenge, finding where to start, which is why I think it’s best to end your writing day while you still have something to convey. Then, you can pick up with that the following morning.

Now to put you on the spot! Write a Haiku
Convention killer,
Renegade saint in slouch hat,
Henry Miller winks

That’s kind of dark! Can you provide context for the last time you said “I’ll be right back.”
I’m not sure when it was, but I’m certain that I wasn’t. Right back, that is.

Let’s lighten things up a bit. Fill in the blanks (underlined).
I am incredibly relieved someone invented music. Without it I might wither.

All right Richard, let’s finish things up with a quick this or that (pick one). *Bolded selections are Richard’s picks.
Dogs or Cats
Pancakes or Waffles
• Sweet or Sour
• Shaken or Stirred
Old People or Babies
• Bad Drivers or Delayed Flight

New Additions

Credit: Ashley Gove/Demand Media

Credit: Ashley Gove/Demand Media

We might be a little too excited about Spring here at Demand Media Studios.  More specifically about Spring’s flowers. We’d apologize, but our community is whipping up too many seasonally delicious articles (and accompanying images) to resist — like the one above! It also calls attention to our expanding photo studio and as of late they’ve made one more leap — their very own Pinterest page where amazing Demand Media Studios photos reside for all to ogle. Neat, huh? To check out all of the images click here!