Featured Contributor: Seth Amery

finalWho was the most entertaining person you’ve interviewed throughout your career? There are two in particular who stand out to me the most, although for one I had only transcribed the interview. I interviewed the guys behind the No More Room in Hell mod for Half-Life 2, which adds a ton of realistic zombie gameplay and a barricade mode, and it really impressed me how much effort they were pouring into this detailed mod that they released for free; it was a glimpse into raw passion. It stuck with me.

I transcribed an interview with Doug Kennedy of Reverb Publishing, and during that they discussed fixing the standard developer-publisher relationship that favored big guys at the literal expense of their development team. It was reassuring to read about at least one other person who wanted to fix a very real problem in the industry and was actually trying to do something about it. Continue reading

5 totally radical mobile games that AREN’T Angry Birds, Words with Friends, or Candy Crush

001headerDo you find yourself suffering from the dreaded writers block? Are you looking for ways to improve your cognitive thinking capabilities? Or, are you like me and looking to pass the time in between assignments? Then look no further than these 5 delectable mobile games not everyone is playing.

These games are easy jump into, they’ll actually improve your brain’s functionality, and with the exception of #1 they’re all FREE! Assuming you have a smart phone or a tablet, we recommend you check out these fun-filled games. Continue reading