Where the Writers Are: Homes of Writers We Love

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Whether lounging by the beach, pool, lake or air conditioning unit, avid readers likely have a book in hand at all times. That’s one of the perks of sweltering summers: extra time for languid afternoons and books. Then again, summer is also about vacationing and taking full advantage of those long weekends. This got me thinking and led me to the conclusion that the best way to embrace both perks of summer (reading and vacation) was to visit the homes of beloved bygone authors. Here are just a few of the homes you could visit this summer. If you’d like to search by state or author, visit Writers Houses: Where Stories Live for a seriously comprehensive list!

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Why You Need to Take a Vacation

In honor of the upcoming World Cup Games, Rio de Janiero is on our vacation wish list this summer. Image credit: www.fancyholidays.com

With the upcoming World Cup on the brain, Rio de Janeiro is on our vacation wish list this summer. Image credit: http://www.fancyholidays.com

Even though the three-month summer break is a thing of the past (for most of us anyway), you shouldn’t ignore the urge to drop everything and hop a flight to Brazil. Especially if you’re a soccer fan.

In fact, if you’ve been just lusting at pictures of sandy beaches and chic metropolis destinations on your desk instead of buying a ticket, you may be be stifling your productivity (and creative thinking for that matter) at work. Enter the numbers to back up this theory: An Intuit study showed that the majority — 82 percent to be exact — of small business owners who took a vacation saw a spike in their performance when they returned to work, so we learned in this Fast Company article.

Taking a vacation –we’re talking longer than a three-day weekend– can help you get a fresh perspective, recharge your batteries, stimulate your brain, go outside your comfort zone, and any other euphemism you can think of to describe self improvement. Check out the article to learn about the full benefits of checking out for a few days.

So don’t delay in planning that next break, whether it’s a whirlwind European tour, relaxation on pristine beaches in Southeast Asia or just a good ol’ U.S. road trip. And, since we did a bit of travel lusting after learning about how vital our vacation time really is, here are a few resources we found to help inspire our next trip. Bon Voyage!

Image credit: www.tlnt.com

Image credit: http://www.tlnt.com

If you can’t decide where to go….

Take a quiz!

Flip through a slideshow of the 27 best places to visit in 2014.

Listen to other Trip Advisor travelers, who rated the top 25 destinations in the world.

If you can’t decide what to pack….

First, figure out what not to pack.

Listen to the experts. World traveler and guidebook author Rick Steves who shared his personal packing list (And an adapted version for the ladies).

If you can’t decide what to read when you get there….

Here’s a list of 143 books to start with.

Or follow this flow chart that will route you to some classics:
The Summer Reading FlowchartHave a great trip planned? A destination you’ve always wanted to see? A great summer read? An entertaining travel tale? Do tell!