Writing About Tech to a Beginner’s Perspective

matrixOne of the trickiest parts about writing tech articles is figuring out the best way to explain beginner-level tasks, for which we can’t assume the reader is familiar with proper terms and seemingly obvious steps. In trying to work around that problem, I’ve found that the best solution is often to approach the task from a completely different angle. Continue reading

Featured Contributor: Seth Amery

finalWho was the most entertaining person you’ve interviewed throughout your career? There are two in particular who stand out to me the most, although for one I had only transcribed the interview. I interviewed the guys behind the No More Room in Hell mod for Half-Life 2, which adds a ton of realistic zombie gameplay and a barricade mode, and it really impressed me how much effort they were pouring into this detailed mod that they released for free; it was a glimpse into raw passion. It stuck with me.

I transcribed an interview with Doug Kennedy of Reverb Publishing, and during that they discussed fixing the standard developer-publisher relationship that favored big guys at the literal expense of their development team. It was reassuring to read about at least one other person who wanted to fix a very real problem in the industry and was actually trying to do something about it. Continue reading

Things My Studio Bio Won’t Tell You

credit: dailyteacher.wordpress.com

credit: dailyteacher.wordpress.com

Name: Elizabeth Mott

Location: Flyover country

Years in the Studio: Since 2010

Sections I write for: Tech; Society 6 Art; RadioShack

I’m usually work hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…

Spending time with my significant other and our three cats, enjoying music and popular culture. In my outside-DMS life, I’m an advertising and marketing designer and strategist. Sounds lots more hifalutin’ than it really is.

If I ruled the world for a day I would…

Ban prejudice and hate of all kinds, make sure everyone had enough to eat and rescue all abused animals. Make politicians behave like people. Force doctors to experience the healthcare system from the patient’s perspective.

I couldn’t make it through the day without…

Coffee! Strong coffee! My brain refuses to boot unless I’ve drained my big yellow mug.

What is your theme song for life?

It’s not a song, but I’m convinced that persistence pays off.