Let’s Talk About GIFs, Baby!


In the spirit of awesome things you shouldn’t miss on the web, I’d like to divert your attention toward animated gifs, including my best-kept industry secret–a vault filled with incredible reaction gifs. Trust me, you owe it to yourself to check it out. With that in mind, let’s get this gif party rollin’, starting with this majestic moment!

“Hold my beer, watch this!” – Famous last words.

Writers, journalists, and even bloggers can benefit from animated gifs since they’re a great way to help promote work. Attaching a gif to your article, much like a breathtaking photo, will undoubtedly lead to more shares–“Hey, check this out. You have to see this.” Community moderators, forum users, and bloggers (such as myself) more often than not draw upon animated gifs for humor purposes, and more importantly to emphasize thoughts/feelings/reactions. I utilize gifs in practically every post I make on the DMS forums.

A few posts back I wrote a ‘How To’ blog, highlighting the steps needed in order to produce an animated gif of your own, from a YouTube video. Now that you have a better understanding of the ‘how,’ let’s look at a place where you can A) bookmark, and B) get a direct link for sharing purposes. Imgur user/Redditor GeneralWarts took it upon himself to categorize, label, and post some of the Internets more favorable gifs. You can find the vault here: http://reactiongifsarchive.imgur.com/

It looks like this…

reactiongifsWith 47 separate categories (Disgust, Amazed, Sad, Not Bad, etc.) to choose from, there’s arguably an near-endless supply of outstanding reaction gifs. In other words, there’s a gif for every occasion, guaranteed. Furthermore, and this is extremely important for sharing/linking purposes, please be sure to read the instructions (located on the right side of the vault) which explains how to appropriately attach/embed the gifs.

gearboxNow that you have all the pieces, including access to the greatest gif vault of all time, I want you to get out there and start ‘gif-ing.’ Make me proud! Oh, one final note before I leave you, check out this beautiful tragedy.  

Until next time!