Take a Breather

Over the weekend, I was fortunate to pay a visit to one of my favorite spots in Southern California: The Huntington.

Located in Pasadena, The Huntington boasts an expansive library and eye-catching art collection, as well as a variety of botanical gardens. It’s the latter to which I am most drawn. I can spend all day strolling through The Huntington’s sprawling, 120-acre specialty gardens.

There’s something about recharging in nature that really fuels my creativity as a writer. Whether it’s hiking on a nearby trail or biking down the beach, taking the time to unwind outdoors rejuvenates the mind and body, which does great things for writer’s block.

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Featured Contributor: Elizabeth Warner

Elizabeth Warner has been writing for more than 20 years. Her work has appeared in publications of the Nature Conservancy, the World Bank Group and other organizations, as well as a number of local and regional newspapers. Warner holds a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Colgate University.


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You listed “nature photography” under areas of expertise. Why don’t you show us one of your best nature photographs: I’m not sure it’s my ‘best’ photo, but it’s one I like. I do a lot of work (day job) with greater sage grouse – a species on many a birder’s bucket list. But running into this dusky grouse was a huge thrill. Like his male cousins, this guy was a shameless Lothario – more intent on seducing lady grouse than worrying about me. Continue reading

Incredible Nature Photography, With a Twist

AdamsPowerful words by the great Ansel Adams and a gentle reminder that not all photographs need an explanation, but rather simply deserve to be marveled at. Which brings me to Huffington Post’s These Are Some Of The Past Year’s Most Spectacular Wildlife Photographs. The author, , created a spectacular montage of the past year’s more intimate/joyful/scary photographs depicting mother nature—and you, the viewer, get to decide which nature photographs you like best.

The following selected images truly are breathtaking, inspiring, and well worth sharing. I highly recommend you visit Natural History Museum’s website in order to view the images in their native resolution, and more importantly, cast your vote. Voting ends on September 5th, 2014. Also, special note: this marks the 50th anniversary of the wildlife photographer of the year (WPY) 2014 People’s Choice collection!

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