Ease Back Into Work

Image credit: Amazon.com

Image credit: Amazon.com

Welcome back everyone! We at DMS hope you all had a wonderful holiday (so much so that perhaps you’re dreading digging into that work you left on your work desk on Dec. 18). In the spirit of ushering in a productive 2014, we thought we’d help make the transition a bit easier with five helpful tips for beating the holiday blues.

Get in a good workout. Listened to some great music on your vacation? Make an upbeat playlist and use it for your workout, says The Huffington Post. Making time for physical activity can calm your mind and help you focus.

Go out for lunch, says this Daily Telegraph article. Grab a friend and get away from your desk for an hour, which will break up the day so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Take it slow. Don’t try to tackle your entire inbox all at once, you may never get out. Instead, the Huffington Post says to get back to the people who need immediate answers first. Then finish up any projects you left hanging before the break. After that, tackle anything new. And remember, you might not be able to get to everything, so expect to leave work for the next day.

Take on something new, says the Daily Telegraph. Setting a goal to start a new project, or learn that skill you’ve been meaning to master can help you look ahead for the new year.

Book another vacation. Seems counterproductive right? Well, this Guardian article says planning some days off or booking a flight for that next trip can give you something to look forward to.