Know Your Rank

Following our discussion about establishing yourself on Google Authorship, wouldn’t you like to know if your profile is paying off? Well, now you can. We found this nifty tool that will quantify your internet presence on a scale of 1 to 10. Virante’s Author Rank measures the average search engine strength of the content linked to your Google+ Authorship account, and offers additional metrics to help you figure out where you stand in the ranking.

All you need to get started is a Google Authorship account, and links to your content in the “Contributor To” section. Once you’ve got that, simply enter your Google+ ID, which can either be a 21-digit number sequence or a name you’ve customized, into the rank tool. While it’s not the definitive word on the quality of your work, it is fun to take for a spin. You can also try to track down the profiles for other writers/bloggers you like and see how you stack up.

Check out this report we pulled on Washington Post reporter Ezra Klein:



Virante say the numbers beyond the rank score can mean different things. Here’s a brief breakdown of what these numbers are telling you about your content:

  • Low AuthorTrust: You need to attract better links. Meaning, write for sites with higher quality links, or lure better ones to your own site.
  • Low AuthorExternalRank: You might need to get your content shared on more social networks.
  • Low Avg Page Authority or Low Avg Domain Authority: Publish more on better sites.

For more on how Authorship Rank generates these numbers and what they mean, see the FAQ page. Have thoughts about Author Rank? Please share them below!

Get Started with Google Authorship

Today we’ve unveiled a great new feature on the Studio Work Desk – the Google Authorship tab.

This new addition to your Work Desk will make it incredibly easy to sign up for the Google Authorship program if you haven’t yet done so.  All you need is a Google+ account to get started.

Not quite sure what Google Authorship is?  Click here for a brief introduction.

The new Google Authorship tab on the Work Desk provides an introduction to the program, along with links to Studio resources that should cover any additional questions you might have.  If you have a Google+ profile, just click on the Connect your Google+ Profile button and you will be walked through the Authorship sign-up steps.  The process only takes a couple of minutes and then you can move on to adding your Studio work to your account.

We believe that Google Authorship is an invaluable resource for writers, both inside and outside of the Studio, and we are encouraging everyone to sign up.  Log in to your Work Desk and get started now.

If you have any questions or concerns with this new feature, please let us know at  We will make sure to get back to you quickly.

Note: Google+ recently introduced a new custom profile URL option. This change doesn’t affect anyone who has already connected their Studio work to Google Authorship. If you’re currently using a custom URL and you experience any problems setting up your account, please email us at and we can help you further.

Watercoolering: Becoming a Google Author



Ok, so you have your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe even your personal website. But, have you set up your Google Authorship profile? Well you should, because the office is buzzing with talk of the 331 new writers who’ve set up profiles since June. And more than 800 eHow writers are getting theirs up and running as we speak. Google Authorship is a great tool that links your published work to your author brand, so you can build readership. We put together a little FAQ for those of you who may get dizzy at the idea of setting up one more social account.

Google Authorship?

Yeah, it’s a program Google offers to folks who publish content online. They say it will strengthen your reputation as an expert by making your byline (for Studio or non-Studio work) more visible to a person searching for information.

How does it work?

First, it links your work to your Google Plus profile. Once you sign up, your Google Plus photo and a byline will pop up right next to your content on a Google search, making that content stand out from other results.

Can I see some examples of Google Authorship at work?

Of course! We thought you’d never ask. Here is what one writer’s Google Authorship profile looks like in search:

authorshipexampleAnd check out these links to see how the profile would display in search:

Is this something I’m going to have to manage regularly?

As long as your Google Plus info matches your Studio profile, the search engine will automatically link searches to the content you allow them to. Then just sit back and let Google do the work.

If you want Google to stop publishing a site’s articles at any time, simply unselect it from your Authorship page. Otherwise, they’ll add new articles automatically, as long as the bylines match your Google Plus profile.

What do I need to start?

A basic Google Plus profile, published  Demand Media content, and about 15 minutes.

Ok, I’m gonna get started. But I’m more of a visual learner.

Check out this screencast we put together to walk you through starting your Google Authorship profile.

Got more questions? Shoot an email to