Take a Breather

Over the weekend, I was fortunate to pay a visit to one of my favorite spots in Southern California: The Huntington.

Located in Pasadena, The Huntington boasts an expansive library and eye-catching art collection, as well as a variety of botanical gardens. It’s the latter to which I am most drawn. I can spend all day strolling through The Huntington’s sprawling, 120-acre specialty gardens.

There’s something about recharging in nature that really fuels my creativity as a writer. Whether it’s hiking on a nearby trail or biking down the beach, taking the time to unwind outdoors rejuvenates the mind and body, which does great things for writer’s block.

For a dose of inspiration, here are some photos I snapped at The Huntington: Continue reading

Featured Contributor: Evan Gillespie

IMG_3271-(4)School: Ball State University, University of Notre Dame
Degrees: BFA, MA in Art History
Approved Sections: Home, Garden

You officially became a journalist in 1996. What was your first big story about? My earliest assignments were artist and musician profiles for a weekly arts and entertainment newspaper. In those days when the Internet was still an infant, it was a big deal to suddenly have my writing in front of tens of thousands of readers and to get to talk to famous people. Early on, I was asked to interview the guitarist from the first band I’d ever seen in concert, and that was the point when I realized that I was a professional. Continue reading

10 Things My Studio Bio Won’t Tell You


We spend too much time hanging around Demand Media Studios not to know each other better. Let’s fix that. Each week we’ll profile a DMS contributor or staffer and ask them 10 questions in our feature, aptly titled, 10 Things My Studio Bio Won’t Tell You.

Kristi's writing assistant, Iris, hard at work.

Kristi’s writing assistant, Iris, hard at work.

Kristi L. Waterworth
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Years in the Studio: Careening toward three.
Sections I write for: Mostly Garden, but sometimes I wander over to Business and Home.

1. I’m usually working hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…

Attempting to impregnate African violets or eating Cheetos and watching movies with my dogs, Jasmine the Puddle and Iris, a terror of a terrier.

2. If I had to describe my work in three words, they would be….

Words Make Eating. I’m not going to lie, I write for money. But, you know, it’s nice when other people get something out of it, too.

3. My favorite websites to waste time on are…

Facebook, obviously, then XKCD, Explosm.net, CNN.com, Amazon and Google (It can be used for fun, why shouldn’t it?).

4. The one thing I wish I could do well, but can’t is…

Turn an omelet and/or pancake – little buggers snap in half on me EVERY time.

5. If I ruled the world for a day I would…

 … Make sure it lasted more than a day. After all, I’m in charge, let’s just have a coup.  Cookies for everybody!

7. I couldn’t make it through the day without…

Iced tea, momentous music and multiple trips to the bathroom.

8. The greatest risk I ever took was…

Being born. It was pretty much all down hill from there.

9. You’ll catch me saying this phrase far too often …

No idea. Most of my communications are with computers that are pretending to be people. The dogs don’t take notes on my annoying quips.

10. What is your theme song for life?

I used to think everybody needed a theme song in life and that life should be more like a sitcom.  All your problems and issues and worries resolve in a tidy package at the end of thirty minutes or an hour… wouldn’t that be just grand? I asked people, all through my formative teenage years this same question because I thought it would give me some kind of insight.  I’m pretty sure my life doesn’t have a theme song, nor does it need one. All it needs is the ever-present sound of pounding keys.