Writing Tips From Tip-Top Writers

richardDemand writers often ask me to recommend books they can use to hone their composition skills. I invariably suggest these five, each of which I read annually: Continue reading

Can’t Someone Else Do It?!

cantsomeoneJ. D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye,” Shel Silverstein’s The “Giving Tree,” Tim Urban’s Procrastination Blog Post … what do these three pieces of literature have in common? If you ask me, they’re all must-reads. Continue reading

Rejecting Rejection

fantasyOurs has become an increasingly fractious world, in which unanimity on any one issue often proves as elusive as satori, the state Zen Buddhists describe as that rare, sudden flash of awareness that produces enlightenment. Yet, there exists at least one sentiment about which the entire DMD community agrees: Rejections reek. Continue reading

How Adding Voice & Having Fun Can Make the Mundane Entertaining

We asked one of our editors (Betsy Brooks) to provide an example of how a little bit of voice can drastically improve a potentially boring topic. “Sure thing,” she said. The topic she chose? McDonald’s ketchup.

datoneEveryone knows McDonald’s ketchup is fantastic. F a n t a s t i c. Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise. As a kid, I always assumed McDonald’s served Heinz, mostly because they really are the household name in ketchup, and also because I was a kid and didn’t yet know how to spot a Heinz imposter. Turns out, most people think that McDonald’s serves Heinz – to the layman condiment consumer, they taste virtually the same. As the years passed, though, I became a budding condimenteur, and I began to notice the subtle differences: the extra hint of vinegar in the Fancy Ketchup at McDonald’s; the smoother texture and richer red delivered by Heinz; the saltier aftertaste of the FK at McD’s…  Also, the label on the ketchup at McDonald’s says “Fancy Ketchup,” and not “Heinz.” That probably should have been the first clue. Continue reading

Four Things You (and Your Kids) Should Know About Credit

By: Beverly Bird

Several months ago, my son wandered up to my desk as I was working and cleared his throat. A shiny piece of plastic stuck out from between his fingers, which he waved between my nose and the computer screen so I couldn’t possibly miss it.

A credit card. His credit card. His. Very. Own. Credit. Card. Continue reading

Featured Contributor: Lainie Petersen

tealady3(2)School: Dominican University, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
Degree: Masters degrees in library science, divinity and theological studies.
Approved Sections: Career, Real Estate, Business, Education.

What was the last thing you Tweeted? Yikes, I mostly share other people’s content on Twitter, but my last exchange was about a great tea company and its wonderful products!

Oh that’s right, according to your bio you’re a tea expert. Explain yourself. I got into tea back in 2008. For awhile, I tweeted the teas I was drinking and people began to ask me to start a tea blog. So I started Lainie Sips, a blog focused on tea and tea reviews. Eventually I even got work doing consulting for tea shops, writing for other tea blogs, and eventually even got a job working in a tea shop. I love tea and am constantly amazed at the diversity of the online (and offline) tea community. Continue reading

The Book is Mightier Than the Kindle?!

bookskindleAside from being the Studio’s Community Specialist, the most fulfilling and awe-inspiring position I’ve held throughout my career was when I worked for a magazine in San Francisco. That magazine? Electronic Gaming Monthly. Imagine being an integral part of an editorial team, collaborating over design aspects and writing articles that appeared nationwide … in print! It certainly was a dream job of mine (at the time), and a stepping stone that propelled my career. Continue reading

Lucky Break — How I Became an Editor

timBy: Tim Edmundson

Demand Media Studios – a place I’ve called home for nearly four years. But, I’ve been associated with the Demand Media brand for over five years. That’s right, I started with the company in a much different capacity – I was an office admin. Well technically I wasn’t an office admin; my title was Facilities Coordinator but no one actually knows what that is (I learned this when telling people what it was I did for a living) so I just started saying office admin. Continue reading

Featured Contributor: Ruth Mayhew

RuthThis week we spotlight Ruth Mayhew as our featured contributor. Ruth specializes in a plethora of categories including careers, legal, and business– truly a well-rounded individual. She can technically offer you career advice, present legal documentation, and run a business. Plus she has a great taste in film! Continue reading

Tip ‘O the Hat: Fall is for Firewood

Credit: Jerri Farris

Credit: Jerri Farris

It’s fall folks and as the temperature continues to drop, your pile of chopped wood out back should be rising. If you’re prepping properly you may even find yourself running out of places to stash your stacks of petite lumber. That’s why we’re so pleased with contributor Jerri Farris’ article “How to Build a Firewood Rack.” Which, like the title suggests explains how to build your very own firewood rack.

Credit: Jerri Farris

Credit: Jerri Farris

It also does a great job of showing off the gorgeous quality of the photo studio’s slide step photography–a brand new feature in the studio that we’re pretty excited about.

Consider our insulated caps tipped.