Thanksgiving Food: Tips & Tricks

peanutsThanksgiving is a wondrous time for family and friends to come together, give thanks, relish in fine company and … oh who are we kidding, it’s all about the food. With the most gluttonous holiday just days away, your brain’s likely zeroed in on one thing: lots and lots of gut-busting sustenance.

For some, it’s about the turkey, for others it’s the mountain of irresistible, carb-filled sides. Personally, I come from a family that houses more pies than people every Thanksgiving, so dessert is my true love (sorry everything else).

In anticipation of every eater’s favorite holiday, let’s get salivating with a look at some of the top Thanksgiving foods, along with recipe and preparation tips. Simply click on the images below.

— Turkey —

Nothing quite compares to the tantalizing smell of a turkey roasting and crisping in the oven. No matter how tempted you are to immediately serve the turkey right when the oven’s timer goes off, don’t forget to let it rest for about 20 minutes to maintain its juicy delectableness.

— Stuffing/Dressing —

What’s the difference between stuffing and dressing? Well, stuffing is stuffed into the turkey; dressing is baked in a pan. Otherwise, they’re pretty interchangeable. Also, they’re both delicious, so it doesn’t really matter.

— Potatoes —

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a heaping bowl of mashed potatoes, though sweet potato casserole is a close second in my mind. Remember though: There exists such a thing as “too many potatoes.” Don’t overdo it on this wondrous carb if you plan on saving room for dessert.



— Cranberries —

Now, I personally think cranberries are a waste of space on my Thanksgiving plate, but I know there are some cranberry lovers out there. This one is for you, and I’m only including it because any recipe that includes winter beers is probably worth it.

— Healthy Alternatives —

If you’re trying to stick to a diet this holiday season (we sincerely commend you for it), eHow has you covered with some great recipes. Check out “10 Healthy Alternatives to Thanksgiving Favorites,” including these green beans with pancetta and red onions.


 — Pumpkin Pie —

Every Thanksgiving, after I’ve eaten my fill of savory dishes, I question if there’s room for dessert. That notion, however, lasts mere seconds when the waft of pumpkin pie fills the room. At that point my brain kicks into overdrive, and somehow my stomach makes enough wiggle room to justify a slice of cinnamon pumpkin goodness.

pumpkin pie

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