Make the Most of your Labor Day Weekend

hotairbaloonRejoice! Labor Day weekend has finally arrived. As summer winds down and comes to a close, for us working stiffs, a well-earned break couldn’t come at a better time. With that being said, what are your Labor Day weekend plans? Are you hitting the road and getting out of town, or are you partaking in the ritual of a staycation?  If you’re still on the fence about your weekend plans, or simply looking for some affordable activities to engage in, peruse our list of fun, savor-the-last-moments-of-the-season suggestions below.

Research hikes in your local area online. You’d be surprised how many trails/paths are registered on Google maps (some even in your own backyard). If you do decide to go for a hike, be sure to pace yourself, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen. Oh, and take pictures.

The ultimate picnic destination: parks. Most parks come equipped with BBQ areas, picnic tables, and a slew of recreational activities, such as tennis courts, handball courts and some even have a frisbee golf course (trust us, it’s a thing).

Okay, so this activity may seem a little far-fetched for the average weekend enthusiast, but those of you looking to buy a home (or move) could potentially get a much better idea of what certain neighborhoods have to offer. Plus, bonus, finger foods are often served to ‘interested’ guests = free snack!

Why rush out, brave mind-numbing traffic and adhere to a specific time frame when you can simply unwind, relax, and make it a game night? Monopoly, Jenga, heck, even cards are all made better when they’re shared with friends/family. If you’re looking for a new game my favorite go-to is Cards Against Humanity.

Coastal (and near-coastal) dwellers will most likely flock to the beaches this weekend, especially if the weather decides to cooperate. Plan accordingly, give yourself plenty of time to arrive, and mentally prepare yourself to circle the block 13 times in order to find a parking spot that’s too small for your car.

Make time to indulge in fine art, relish in the history surrounding classic paintings and sculptures, and finally, make it a goal to learn conversational art history. That way when you go on Jeopardy you can rock the Art category!

001Above all else, be sure to spend some quality time with your family this weekend. Engage in a new activity, talk, read, play games, or simply enjoy the company of one another.

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