Things My Studio Bio Won’t Tell You



Name: Elizabeth Mott

Location: Flyover country

Years in the Studio: Since 2010

Sections I write for: Tech; Society 6 Art; RadioShack

I’m usually work hard, but when I’m hardly working, you can find me…

Spending time with my significant other and our three cats, enjoying music and popular culture. In my outside-DMS life, I’m an advertising and marketing designer and strategist. Sounds lots more hifalutin’ than it really is.

If I ruled the world for a day I would…

Ban prejudice and hate of all kinds, make sure everyone had enough to eat and rescue all abused animals. Make politicians behave like people. Force doctors to experience the healthcare system from the patient’s perspective.

I couldn’t make it through the day without…

Coffee! Strong coffee! My brain refuses to boot unless I’ve drained my big yellow mug.

What is your theme song for life?

It’s not a song, but I’m convinced that persistence pays off.

1 thought on “Things My Studio Bio Won’t Tell You

  1. Dear Elizabeth Mott,
    I just wanted to thank you for making my day!!!!!!!!!! I am a painter and print nerd, always looking for ways to make better prints in my studio. Well, while preparing some prints for an upcoming festival, I glanced over at the Channels palette, clicked things on an off, and was amazed at the way things looked!! I wanted to print these versions, but didn’t understand how. So, I went over to Google and began researching. I kept coming up flat. Article and video after article and video left me more confused about 4 color process, photoshop and printing. All they were telling me was how to set up for printing on clothing and silkscreening. I just wanted a simple print on paper of what I was seeing on the screen. I am an amateur printer, but I am very particular about colors and this channels option opened up new possibilities!!! Then I found your article in the Houston Chronicle, and it was simple, to the point, elegant, and worked!!! I have been in utter joy since then and printing away. So, Thank you, thank you thank you for that article. I will write about this on my blog and share this little bit of knowledge. Let me know if you would like some of these. I would love to send you some as a token of appreciation.

    All the Best,
    Mario Saviñon

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